Earlier this year I participated in an art show called “The Artistic Push”. We have had several shows at various locations around Dallas. The group continues to grow as Jennifer Gibbs the founder finds new artists and interesting people to take part in the show. She has a very interesting vision for The Artistic Push:

The Artistic Push was founded by a veteran social worker who after being laid off found herself inspired by her next door neighbor and his immense artistic abilities.

A friendship was born and and the brainstorming commenced.
Founder, Jennifer Gibbs quickly recognized a need for local visual artists who didn’t have the skills, desire or time to promote themselves and manage the business details of being an artist. They just want to create!!

More importantly, Jenn recognized an opportunity to meet a need that is being wiped out of our inner-city schools: Artistic Influence.
Our country is only as strong as our least educated child. Art, Music, Physical Education and Emotional Health programs are under funded in our urban schools, if they exist at all. Educated, well-functioning people KNOW how crucial these skills are to become productive contributing citizens.

The Artistic Push (TAP) Dallas Urban Youth Initiave is focused and committed to meeting these needs of our city’s youth through our three fold mission.

You can find out more as well as when and where future shows will be.

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