I want to challenge myself but I also need a project that is reasonable in scope.

I’m a 2D and 3D artist so I needed to decide on the best medium. With 2D I could create and animate the book with vector or raster images. Doing it this way would mean making sprites and with sprites means lower quality resolution. Doing it this way also requires two databases of art one for print (high resolution) and video display (low resolution). Also worth mentioning is that it would limit the number of frames in animation that could be used.

Another option is to use 2D art on 3D planes and animate it with bones. This is done exceptionally well by Mike Mobile. http://www.mikamobile.com/game3_1.html They use more than just one image for the legs and arm movements. Using a switch to change from a bended knee to a straight or kicking position. Do a search on them to learn more if you are interested. This option would free up more space for animation and make it possible to do more than a simple looping animation movement.

Also possible, would be to model and animate the characters and some of the sets in 3D. This would mean the animations could be more elaborate. The sets could also be more immersive and I could play around more with camera angles and find interesting views. After talking with my friends this seemed like the more interesting choice.

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