I make textures for 3D  simulation models and have done the same for video games. In a way I’m manipulating photos to create those texture for models.

Here is an example of photo manipulation I did for a friend. The bottom image is the original and the top it the edited image. He ask me to tweak the colors so the sky was more saturated and also to removed the boat on the lower right. It was a fun challenge.

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Here are a few sketches of heads. While I had some fun with the facial expression I also spent time adding some faint reds and blues for the skin tone. I have done this before with great success when using pastels. However I have to be more subtle with watercolor or the colors will over power the person’s face.

If you have kids from the age of 13- 18 and you would like to give them a chance to learn culture then come out October 11th (Thursday). I’ll be there giving kids a chance to animate. There is going to be a stage set up for kids to read poems and many other artist to share their craft.

Khalid Robertson-Illustrator
Trayce Cochran-Mixed Media
Desmond Blair-Painter
Jeremy Biggers-Custom Baseball Caps
Raymond Casidy-Digital
Cosmo Art-Fire/Aerosols
JC Barba-Digital
Karl Lake-Custom Toys

DaVerse Lounge Season 8 | Spoken Word Open Mic | Interactive Live Art | Live Band | Free
Thursday, October 11 at 7:00pm in CDT at Life In Deep Ellum

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