Creative, analytical Computer Graphic Artist with expertise in video game and simulation production. Wealth of experience in the development process of natural and man made objects and textures as well as particle effects and digital paintings. Successfully completed contracts, published video games, documented several tutorials and helped refine software in development. Enjoy the challenge of learning new software and working with programmers on software development.


3D Graphic Applications

Maya, 3D Max, Blender, Creator

2D Graphic Applications

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign

Simulation/Game Applications

Lynx Prime, Terra Vista, AppKit, NaturalMotion, Granny 3D

Web Based Applications

Dream Weaver, Flash


L-3 Communications, Arlington, TX 2010-Present

Provider of homeland defense products and services.

Contractor, Database Developer,

Build simulation models, textures and animations for various projects.

The lead artist in modeling, rigging, skinning and animating characters.

Maintained the company standards and developed accurate models for the real world airports.

Learned from and instructed co-workers about Creator’s tools to improve modeling process.

Analyzed the existing models for local areas and created new buildings that are consistent in quality.

Utilized research of real world objects to develop realistic models and textures.

Furiously Inactive Games, LLC, Dallas, TX 2010-Present

Indie video game development for multiple platforms.

Art Director,

Worked on designing and creating graphics for Indie game.

Design and develop character, levels and interface graphics for multiple platforms.

Collaborated on marketing materials for digital and prints such as animated gifs, fliers, banners, t-shirts and business cards.

Edited and created FX animations and particle effects.

Tested and developed work flow for graphics and animation.

Presagis USA, Richardson, TX 2004-2010

Software developers for modeling and simulation market.

Database Developer,

Built simulation models, textures and particle effects as well as supported engineers in software development and testing.

Utilized research of real world objects to develop realistic models and textures.

Provided detailed information on defects, features and suggestions to assist programmers in improving the company’s software.

Studied a large array of video references for needed visual effects to help recreate realistic and impressive particle effects textures and animations.

Drafted the first tutorial for learning Airport Wizard while learning the tool and giving feed back for improvement.

Created model and texture library of common parts found in many various entities, helping to reduce time spent making the needed parts from scratch.

Worked directly with customers to produce the needed models to their specifications and resolve any issues that came up during the project.

Paradigm Entertainment, Carrollton, TX 1998-2004

Video game developers.

XBOX Artist II, 2001-2004

Main artist responsible for creating a port of the PS2 art content into the XBOX.

(2004) Terminator 3: The Redemption (XBOX)

Responsible for producing documentation on the process of porting the PS2 models and textures to the XBOX and training another employee to utilize the process.

Improved the PS2 models for the XBOX port by creating complex materials with up to 4 layered textures.

(2003) Mission Impossible: Operation Surma (XBOX)

Developed a method for making normal maps with more details than was commonly seen in XBOX games.

Communicated with PS2 artist to create a plan for making the XBOX ports resulting in more high resolution textures and better normal maps.

(2002) Terminator: Dawn of Fate (XBOX)

Learned and tested the capabilities of the XBOX to generate a comprehensive plan for how to make impressive visuals for the port.

Worked closely with the tools group to help test and modify the tools to improve XBOX performance.

3D Artist, 1998-2001

Created 3D models and textures for levels in the games.

(2001) MX Rider (PS2)

Worked with an artist on prototype for modeling race tracks that would create the most natural results and wrote a how-to document for team use.

Using video, stadium blueprints and maps, worked closely with a texture artist to build several MX and SX race tracks quickly and accurately.

(2001) F-1 World Grand Prix III (Nintendo 64, not published)

Analyzed existing models and textures to find ways to improve and tweak them for the game’s sequel.

Took another artist’s incomplete draft of race track and brought it up to par with the other existing models.

(2000) Beetle Adventure Racing II (Nintendo 64, not published)

Researched and worked closely with team to develop fun race tracks.

(1999) Harrier 2001 (Nintendo 64, not published)

Prototyped various ways of building airports and runways to find the optimal visuals for high and low elevation view points.

Modeled training site for players to learn basic pilot skills and give the impression of realism.

Tested several terrain texture methods to find the best visual results for high and low elevation view points.


Associate of Applied Arts Computer Animation

The Art Institute of Dallas, Dallas, TX

Studied Computer Aided Design

Eastfield College, Mesquite, TX